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Brief Introduction

Immunologist telling us not only that human can live healthier and more active by strengthening himself/herself¡¯s immune system, but also can plants. Plant immunity protein product PIP-2G can greatly increase the self life function of plants to prevent them from different kinds of disease, promote whole body growth of the plant, and even to resist pest attacks. As a result, by using PIP-2G the farmers will get better quality, more harvest and longer shelf life for a big range of the agricultural products.
Main Features
•Real Safe Product
PIP-2G is not any PGR; not an anti-biotic; nothing to do with gene modification; no hazardous material involved; easy and safe for handling
•High Efficient
PIP-2G is a very active product, suggested A.I. to be applied only 24-36mg* per hectare; plants turn to healthy appearance in only 3-4 days; increase harvest by 10-20%* or even more.
•Convenient to Use
PIP-2G is a water soluble product (add 1000 times* of water is suggested), can be used for seed treatment or normal spraying. It can also be mixed with non-alkaline pesticides.
•Environment Friend
PIP-2G is not a general chemical product, no toxic chemicals involved, no residue. PIP-2G is an ideal product for organic agricultural farming
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